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Traditional American Platters

All american platters served with toast

American Sunrise Plate


Two eggs any style served with bacon and potatoes

Texas Sunrise Plate


Two eggs any style served with potatoes and pancakes


Breakfast Tacos


Bacon & egg

Sausage & egg

Bean & bacon

Potato & bacon

Potato & eggs

Eggs & cheese


Chorizo & egg

Bean & chorizo

Potato & chorizo

Potato & sausage

Beans & rice

Egg & Beans

A la mexicana

Additional item $0.50 each

Extra bacon, sausages, chorizo $1.00 each

Meaty Tacos


Carne Guisada





Beef fajita

Chicken fajita

Additional item

$0.50 each

Texas Breakfast Sandwich


Your choice of bacon and eggs, sausage and eggs, or ham and eggs with cheese between two buttery Texas  toast

Granny's Breakfast


Three fresh homemade pancakes served with beef link sausage

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